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Unique Delivery System

All our concrete mixes are metered to the nearest 1/4 yard. You pay for only what you use, we charge you  within a yard of what you do order. There is never any leftover product dumped at your job site. We now have three 8 yard trucks, which allows us to accommodate larger pours.

Remote Drive System

Unlike the ready-mix trucks, our trucks are equipped with it’s own unique remote drive system, allowing our drivers to move and steer the truck from their control station at the rear of the unit. It saves valued time and money and eliminates the driver from having to jump in and out to maneuver the truck in order to complete the job.

Fresh Concrete

Fresh Concrete is a superior product, why? Concrete is a combination of inert materials (rock and sand which are referred to as “aggregate”‘ and serve as a filler), and the glue composed of cement and water, which changes from semi-liquid substance into a solid binder as a result of chemical reactions between water and various compounds in the cement. This process begins immediately after all ingredients are mixed together. Ready-mix concrete is already mixed together at the batch plant and than has to travel by truck with a rotating drum to your job site: therefore the curing process has already begun while traveling to your job site.This minimizes the time available for finishing, and in some cases, it will require additional water to be added for fluidity for pouring which reduces the strength. This is why our mix is superior, we mix fresh on the site. It has a more superior workability, and allows you the maximum finishing time!

Unlike ready-mix, there is no need to add extra water to keep it fluid, assuring you the correct strength your job requires.